Class Reservations

Team, Transformation, Small Group, and Speciality Classes Example: Cardio Kicboxing, Warrior Stretch, Killer Core, Warrior Lift, if you do not cancel your reservation within the allotted 3 hour time frame you will be charged $10 for a No Show / If you don’t reserve class $5 charge

Membership Holds

You can Hold a Membership for 1 Month. It must be in its entirety After 1 month, $20/  hold. If you got a Paid In Full Promotion Membership you can not place your membership on hold.

Cancelling Membership

Cancelling Your Membership. 30 Day Cancellation Policy. Must submit notice 30 days from your billing date. If notice is between dates of billing cycle  following month will be charged for the 30 day notice. Email Notice to

This is not valid for Membership Contracts 3, 6, 12 month.