All of our COACHES are Professionally certified, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. We pride ourselves in truly coaching clients on proper form to reduce injuries and get the most of their workouts. The Coaches are there every minute pumping you up with the motivation you need to have an incredible workout. Our Coaches take the most beginner client and coach them to becoming an advanced athlete. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.


Coach Joey

Strength and Conditioning
Nutrition Coaching

My name is Coach Joey and I've helped over 1000's of people transform their lives in the past year. I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach/Spartan SGX Certified Coach/Spartan Obstacle Specialist/Crossift Level 1 Trainer/USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach/ USA Powerlifting Club Coach/FitRanx Certified Instructor/FitRanx Kettlebell Certified/Insanity Certified Instructor/Body Empowerment Coach. I too was out of shape, not comfortable in my own skin, and a yo-yo dieter. I remember the nights of running to Burger King getting Brownie Sundae's, and Double Whopper's with Cheese. Stuffing my face totally down and depressed by the dark road I traveled down. I was always an athlete in my younger years so you can just imagine how hard I got down on myself. I was broken and shattered. I knew I had to do something. So I did! I totally transformed my mind, body and spirit from the very principles I will teach you. My passion is watching you transform your life. I was a successful entrepreneur and I dropped all of it to dedicate my life to help others live a life filled with purpose, excitement, and energy. It has been the most amazing journey so far. I'm humbled and grateful to be part of your transformation journey.

Dee profile.jpg

Dee Mesika

OCR Training
Bootcamp HIIT
Female Transformations

Fitness is about embracing the journey of change and overcoming the challenges ahead. As your trainer my greatest venture & GOAL is teaching & showing you the impossible is POSSIBLE! The joy of working with you as you transform your mind & body into the strongest and fittest version of yourself. 


Samantha Callenius

Pound Pro
Cardiovascular Tech

I had been a dancer, played soccer, did aerobics, weight lighting, and more my whole life. Back in 2010 I woke up one morning and my whole right side was almost paralyzed. They rushed me to MRI and from there I was sent to an orthopedic that specialized in degenerative disc disease otherwise known as DDD. I had emergency surgery on my L4-L5 and once I healed they had to do a full scan to see what they were dealing with. After the scan he told me I had three levels in my neck they had to watch on top of the level below and above my fusion as well as my SI joints. We figured with me being strong we wouldn’t have to do anything for a while. Well we were wrong. In 2013 I was losing feeling in my right hand, after doing another scan, and a battery of tests we came to the conclusion that my DDD had degenerated more rapidly than we imagined. So in July of 2013 I had a C5-C6 fusion. Once that healed a few months later we did a full scan again and my back was now Stage 4 which very few people end up like me, usually it is stage 1 or 2. I have the back of someone in their 80s. 

2014-Left SI Joint fusion

2015-Spinal cord stimulator after that surgery I ended up with two pulmonary emboli and almost died spending one week in ICU and 2 weeks in orthopedic telemetry.

2018-Right SI joint fusion and revision of spinal cord with L4-L5 hardware removal again I had complications an allergic reaction to the new bandages lead to an infection that lead to dermatitis.

I was praying 2019 would be better, because now I had Pound, but then they told me my L5-S1 was herniated and they wanted to do surgery, I told them NO. I was so tired of being in pain and having surgeries. I told them to change things make me comfortable, because I was not going to have another surgery, I needed a break. So they did; they changed my neurological medication, took me off the narcotics and placed me on medical cannabis. Meanwhile, my primary care doctor and myself where trying to get my weight down, because after my last surgery I gained a lot of weight. It started to come off, but just not the amount we were hoping for. So after a couple months I was getting very discouraged. Then I found one of Joey’s WFC posts on Face Book and I came to talk to him. Sometimes coaches need coaches. I was eating clean, but I wasn’t eating enough. After some tweaking I finally started to see results. So a simple 28 day Transformation turned into a journey not just for me but for my career as a coach as well. I clicked real well with Coach Joey and Coach Dee he offered me a chance to coach at the gym and I offered him a chance to introduce Pound to Davie. I’m so glad to be here as well as inspire those who have medical issues, injuries, and even those who have no fitness background.