Who are Taking Advice From?

Hey Warrior!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are off to an amazing start! Crushing goals baby!

So a client bursts into my office. Door goes boom ... I look up..

She goes you owe me a 100 dollars....

I look at her with this blank stare..

She goes.. I got this dress, for a special occasion. Look at this photo..

I said wow that dress looks stunning on you.

She laughs, but it costed me 100 dollars to get it taken in by the seamstress..

I laugh.. I said I will give you the hundred dollars, but you have to give me 10 dollars for every person that will go up to you and tell you how good you look!

We both start laughing... I love problems like these for my clients.

But what I love about this particular client... she listens to me.. and the advice I give her and she was successful!

Lets dive into todays message!

It’s dangerous to ask people for advice, sometimes we’re really in a situation where we need advice from others, but not always.

Many times I think we ask a bunch of people for advice because we’re too afraid to take the steps we know we need to take.

So, we allow others to make the decision for us.

The person with no experience:
It might be your best friend, but if they don’t have any experience in what you’re trying to do, why would you ask for their advice?

When you ask people with no experience for advice all you are getting is their opinion.

You might be able to have a great conversation about the thing you are interested in (if they are supportive), but talking to this person gets you no closer to your goal.

Mr. or Ms. Negativity:
We all have these people in our lives. They’re just negative about most things. You need to protect your dreams and goals from these people.

Don’t share your plans or ask for advice from negative people.

All they will feed you is negativity. You will get a long list of reasons why your idea might not work and all the things that could possibly go wrong.

The know-it-all:
We all know of these This is the person that thinks they know about everything even if they don’t.

Sometimes it’s difficult to decipher what this person actually knows and what they don’t because they truly believe they know about whatever it is they’re talking about.

Think twice before asking for advice. There are plenty of “haters” that don’t want to see you chase after your happiness, be able to keep a distance from these people.

If you do need advice find someone that know what they’re talking about.

All The Best, 
Coach Joey and Bibi

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