Jump Off The Cliff

Hey Warrior!

It's Wednesday time to put it into over drive. Mid Week Push Through!

So ya... the title of this email is jump off a cliff.. but please don't literally jump off a cliff.. Lol

Have you taken a leap of faith on something that you’ve been thinking about constantly?
If you think the initial leap is the hardest part of taking a leap of faith in your journey, you are mistaken!

Staying on your journey is by far much more challenging.
Many closed doors, frustrations, self doubt, they can all take their toll and have you questioning why you leapt in the first place.
Hands up if you're guilty of second guessing yourself?

Yup, my hand is alllll the way up!

I often come to a decision, and then spend so much time trying to decide if it is in fact the right thing to do.
Second guessing yourself lead to procrastination which leads to never starting your journey.

Whether it’s your fitness journey, career, or whatever it may be, it won’t start itself unless you take that leap of faith.
Trust yourself and believe in yourself enough to take a leap of faith and go after that thing you’ve been thinking about doing.

Nothing gets accomplished with self doubt.

Ready to Jump off the CLIFF?

All The Best,

Coach Joey and BiBi

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