Comparison The Thief of Joy

Hey Warrior!

It's Wednesday and the mid-week push through! Don't worry you can make it happen!

Today lets talk about the thief of Joy... Comparison.

We all have a highlight reel on Social Media. Myself included.

Unless you are the person that puts their negativity and dirty laundry out there...

So before you start getting down... lets dive into this.

You know you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Yet, that’s often easier said than done.

Job title, income, grades, house, and Facebook likes, the number of categories in which we can compare ourselves to others are infinite.

So is the number of people we can compare ourselves to.

Comparison is generally the fast track to unhappiness. It’s a recipe for misery.

All it does is keeping you focused on what you don’t like about yourself and your life.

When we focus on other people, we lose time that we could otherwise invest in ourselves.

We don’t grow green grass by focusing on our neighbor’s garden, we do it nurturing our own.

So, instead of wasting time comparing your path to someone else’s, spend it investing, creating, and caring for your own.

You can’t change something you don’t acknowledge. So, instead of resisting or fighting where you are, come to peace with it.

Say yes to every part of your life, and from that place, make decisions that will move you in the right direction.

We’re constantly bombarded with people who live #blessed lives on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What we don’t consider is that we often compare our own worst moments with someone else’s highlight.

Social media can be a great source for inspiration. But, if it triggers inadequacy, self-doubt, and frustration, then choose to do a detox.

Make sure you control social media and not the other way around.

So, take back your power from all the people, places, and situations where you’ve left it and bring it back home.

Decide that your energy will be used for believing, not doubting, and for creating, not destroying.

Keep working on yourself. It's a LOOONNNNG Process. You got this Warrior!

Stay Strong, 
Coach Joey and BiBi

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